To having in your hands a ready-to-use mobile phone

1. Purchase the phone (you can skip this step if you’ve already own a phone as I did. I brought with me the cell phone from America. Make sure though that phone is unlocked to use the Sim card from a different provider.) I recomend bringing a cell phone from your country. Cell phones here are expensive, ranging from 130Km to 1300KM.

· Phone shops: There are many of these shops in the city center and shopping malls.

· Eronet shops: If you use the service from Eronet Phone Company, then you have to buy the phone from their own shops. My knowledge of Eronet’s shops stops here since all the people I know use the service from Telecom BiH.

· Black markets: Make friends with some locals and ask them to take you to one of these markets. New phones sometimes can be half-priced because you don’t have to pay taxes.

2. Get a number

The only place you can get a number is from the post office. You pay a one-time connection fee of 35km and receive a SIM card with a 10km worth of calling minutes.

3. Purchase a phone card

Phone cards’ prices range from 10km, 20km, 50km, and 100kms, they are available in kiosks or traffika scattering everywhere in the city. I only use the cell phone to send SMS, which costs only 0.1km per message. When your credits run out, simply buy a new phone cards. To check for the credit, enter *100# and hit the key which starts the call.

Major phone companies

  • Telecom BiH, a Bosniak owned company
    • Prefix number: 061 and 062
  • Eronet, a Croatian owned company
    • Prefix number: 063 and 064
  • Mobis, a Serbian owned company
    • Prefix number: 065

If you plan to use the phone to call people and businesses in the city, it is better that you subscribe to the service provided by Telecom BiH. The Bosniak population carries a whopping 90% in this city and more likely to use Telecom BiH. You will pay less if you’re in the same network with them.

Last words:

I don’t like the European mobile-phone service because, compared the American’s counterpart, they are much more expensive and limited in options. Calling rate is expensive, but on the plus side, you pay absolutely nothing receiving calls. And this, my friends, is beyond the sweetness of the baklava.