The first meal I had in the city was the chicken sandwich or sandwich “sa piletinom” at Piceriza Pomodorino on Branilaca Sarajeva Street, behind the main street walk. The sandwich is pocket pita bread stuffed with chicken and some white cream I had trouble distinguished. I came from an extensive sauce-flavored dish culture, thus if being asked, I can pick out one or two sauces. As for creams or dairy products, please just let me eat them and do not ask me identify them. The combination of the warm thin bread, grilled chicken, fatty cream, and my empty stomach from the previous eight-hour bus ride from Zagreb made the small sandwich excellent. I later found out from the locals that this place had the best sandwich in town. Nonetheless, that was the only time I ate there. Since then, either I got lost finding my way there or it was closed when I was lucky enough to stumble upon it. It’s ironic, isn’t it? I blog this entry to show people how to get to a place which I have trouble finding.

Life is full of ironies, people. Get used to it!

How to get there?

On the Coca-Cola’s red advertising, the name Pomodorino is almost invisible among the double-sized Coca-Cola text. You have more luck if you locate the Serbian church on Branilaca Sarajeva and walk westward from it for a few more steps. Keep your eyes on the right side until you see a Coca-Cola sign at the top of the entrance, left of HVB Central Banka.

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