Origin: The origin of this coffee dated all the way back to the period of Ottomen's occupation of Bosnia during the 13th century. The Turks barging into this country and brought along the coffee tradition.

Taste: The Bosnian coffee is very strong and has a total different taste from the regular expressos, cappuchino you normally have in many other countries. It is very thick and sometimes can be hard to taste.

How it served: You can look at the photos. Normally, the waiter will pour the coffee into the cup ( fildžan) for you. The green cube you see next to the cup is a sweet jelly, come with the coffee for free, depend on which cafe bar.

How the locals actually drink their coffee: Drop the sugar cube into the cup, stir it, and then drink, right? Wrong! The correct wax to drink is:

1. Pick up the sugar cube with your hand
2. Pick up the coffee cup with your other hand
3. Lick the sugar cube
4. And then drink the coffee

I never tried.

This photo was taken at cafe Divan in Morica Han.