Bascarsija night (July)
Last for a month with events in Sarajevo's old Turkish quarter including folk dancing, opera, ballet, rock, love songs and poetry. There are art exhibitions and children programmes. There is no charge.
International Folklore Festival (July)
Take place during the second half of July for a week in which folk groups come from all over the reigion to perform in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo Film Festival (August)
Most celebrated festival in Sarajevo. Show many of the worlds best documentaries from southeast Europe’s best filmmakers.

Jazz Festival (November)
Having started in 1997, this is a relatively young festival. The festival has grown considerably in popularity and has maintained its very grassroots feel. The week long event not only covers some of the worlds best Jazz but also invites new and cutting edge artists for late night performances in several venues around the city. If you love Jazz – jazzfest is for you.

Sarajevo Fashion Week (November)
Fashion shows featuring handmade Bosnian fashion

Sarajevo winter (February/March)
>Lasting for two full months with many genres of art: music, dance and theatre and organised trips to the museum and city walks.