First of all, Serbians, Croatians, and Bosnians speak the same language. Before the war 1991-1995, this language was called Serbo-Croatian. After the war, there was minor changes, and the language was called Bosnian.

And this will cause you some troubles if you want to buy books, CDs, audios materials for
learning Bosnian. When I was in the US, I searched libraries and discount websites for Bosnian learning materials. I came up with almost empty. Instead there are many learning Croatian items for much cheaper prices.

So I left for Sarajevo without even a small dictionary in my bag. For the first few weeks, I could not help kicking myself discovering that the Croatians and Bosnians speak and write the exact same language. If there are any differences, they are the sort of differences between American English and English English.

There are books here of course, but they are a bit pricy compared to those sold in America.