What would you do if you are stranded in a entirely new city where you do not know anybody and don't speak the local language?

In any "Foreign language for dummies" book, the first phrases it teaches you are:

  1. How are you? or
  2. When does the train leave? or
  3. Where is the restaurant? or
  4. What time is it? or
  5. so on

But my dad told me that the most important question is…READY….
Where is the toilet?

Would you agree?

There are no such things as public toilets in Sarajevo. Come to think of it, there are no public toilets everywhere. I guess that going to the toilet is a private matter, therefore toilets are private properties.

Then in that case, people have to go to some restaurants, eat there, and ask to use the toilets. But what if they are not hungry or just ate, like me. Well, still there is no way out of this situation. There is no such thing as free lunches. True?

Yes and no!

There is no such thing as the FIRST free lunch. But after you pay once, all the lunches after are free. Let see why.

I was walking on Marsala Tita when I really needed to use the toilet. I just ate but my next destination was too far. I had little choice but entering the first Burek house I saw. To avoid giving these sellers false signal, I quickly asked: "Halo, ja ću jediti, ali ima li toilet?"

"Ima, ima!" The happy man also replied quickly.

I expected that I would be shown to some small room in the shop, but no, a woman who worked there walked me out of the door and into an opening next to the shop to the a toilet, which I think belonged to a few businesses around.

SO. This toilet is not inside any business shop.
AND. It is not locked.

End of the story. Before you go, jot down these numbers:

34 Marsala Tita (next to a Buredžinica and a shop called Granoff selling male suit. Across the street is another clothing store called Opera Cub.)