The best place to smoke the water pipe is

Halvat Male Daire
Luledzila 6
061 515 5713

Remember to try the Turkish tea; I tried but could not find it at any other place. The tea costs only 1.5 km and the smoke costs 4km. Over there, they often play really nice, exotic music, mainly Turkish.

My friend N., once prepared the Turkish tea just for me at her apartment. I forgot how she made it though, just that it was a lot of preparation. Look at the double tea pot.

The word for water pipe in Bosnia and Saudi Arabia is nargileh. The substance that we smoke is a plant tumbecija similar to tobacco and much more poisonous, therefore the smoke needs to be filtered through the water container before it passes to our systems. Nowadays, people mixed this plant with other fruit aromas, mostly apple. This is what I had in the cafe.

My friend and I visited a old Turkish house in Mostar, which had one of these water pipes. My friend tried on the traditional dresses, lying on the Turkish carpet, and pretended as if she was smoking from the pipe. Seeing her, I was reminded of Asians in the past who lied on their wooden beds and smoked opium to their insanity.