Well, maybe you should let him watch Eurovision. The 2nd place winner of this year contest is Dima Bilan, who represents Russia with the song “Never let you go.” Not only he was popular with the young girls. You know how teenagers are “Ooh, you see him dance, you see him shake shake…” In the classroom, I told them to open the browser and enter a web address for an online tutorial. Yeah, and what did they do. They asked for his name from their classmates to google him. “No, no. No Dima in my classroom, you hear!” I shouted with a serious-faking, grinning face.

Incomprehensively and bafflingly, Dima affected young boys as well with his hair style. This boy was sitting next to me playing a computer game when I asked: “Is this the Russian guy’s hair style?” “Yes, I think it’s cool.” He answered.

I saw another boy on the street one day wearing the exact same hair style and the same white T-shirt worn by Dima.


Eurovsion 2006, Russian entry Never let you go by Dima Bilan

Heavy clouds but no rain
And every move only causes pain
Ready kiss, but no love
I feel I’m torn in half
Ardent look, but no heat
It’s not what you really need
Baby, now it’s happening with us
We are dancing on broken glass
Can’t stand no more –

Never, ever let you go
You are the one I’m searching for
Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone
Love’s carving it in the stone
Never, ever let you go
Return the days we had before
Soul of my soul, blood of my blood
Love’s carving it in my heart

Gentle words but no aim
It seems we’re playing a game
Easy smile, but no fun
Sweet music for no one
Close embrace, but no more
Cold Champagne we forgot to pour
Baby now it’s happening with us
We are dancing on broken glass
Can’t stand no more.