From a 1st year secondary school student

These days we are watching the addition of reconstructions during the most wonderful months of the year. Sarajevo is again one big constructing site and we cannot catch sight of the end of works. We just hope that everything will finish as better as possible.

Every day on morning news I watch usual reports as weather for cast and condition on the roads, but now I usually watch the report about state of constructions in Sarajevo. These days, main Sarajevo streets are under reconstruction. The roads in Old and Center parts of the city have been completely dug up, making impossible for city traffic to operate properly. We are all witnesses of terrible traffic jams that occur as result of road constructions. It takes hours to move for just few kilometers by car and trams move even slower. Many people are late on their work and children are late in school. I am not quit sure why these constructions are happening during the day. I heard from my friends that these kinds of works, in west countries, occur at night. So I’m not completely sure why it is not case in Sarajevo. Even I’m not sure why these roads are reconstructed at all. They seemed pretty good before. Some people connect this with political campaigns due to that we have new elections in October. But however this situation is not going to help us a lot. People are angry and anxious. Drivers are fighting with workers on the road while waiting in long sequences of vehicles. And the saddest fact is that they experienced same situation last year. Main city roads were reconstruction. Beside that there were some other building projects making obstacles for citizens to peacefully reach their homes. And according to situation now we wiill have the repetition of those similar situations in near future. All these actions are occurring with excuse to make city more beautiful but their real result is far from that.

I really hope that we will save our nerves, and that the end of the constructions will came soon. Also I hope that city government will make plan how to prevent these situations to occur further in future.