1. Is there still war?
No. It ended in 1995.

2. So now you live in Yugoslavia?
No. Yugoslavia is the old name of the 6-state union before they broke up and declared independent. Montenegro is the last. Yugoslavia is still used though, mostly to refer the country Serbia.

3. How do the Bosnians look like? Do they look European, blond hairs and blue eyes? (believe me, I was asked once.)
There is nothing homogeneous about Bosnian looks. You turn your eyes to this corner to see an typical European light-colored hairs and blue/green eyes. Turn your head once more and you will see dark Oriental looking people. Unlike American or Western Europeans with many different immigrant groups, thus justify the difference in their looks, these people are just Bosnian.

4. I heard about land mine.
True. But if you don’t wander off the beaten path and travel with tourist guides, then you are fine. If you just spend time in the center of Sarajevo, you have no thing to worry about. I admit that land mine was one of the thing which bugged me the most. I wanted to go to nearby villages on the mountain, but the guide book warned about land mines. It bugged the hell out of me.

5. What about tourist traps?
This city is not swarmed by tourists (maybe because these people try to stay away from the war zone, lol.) They flock to the close-by Croatia’s seaside, I guess.

6. So Sarajevo is a city of Muslims. Is it safe?
Yes an no. It happens that the majority of the population are Muslims. Safe or not safe has nothing to do with a Muslim-dominated, so it is as safe as other metropolitan European cities can get.

7. Is it safe for women traveling alone?
My roommate walked home from her school late at night all the time, and so did I from work. I asked the local about rapes, but she said it was extremely rare. (I am not so sure whether this has anything to do with Muslim’s culture)

8. What about pickpoketting?
Every local warned me to be extra careful with my bags as there were many whose bags got stolen. I am lucky so far.

9. Is the water drinkable?
Public water here is pure and drinkable; you can feel safe to save those extra bucks on water. Read my post about drinking water here.

10. What about visas?
EU citizens do not need a visa to enter BiH nor do American and Canadian citizens. But double check before you go.

11. What language spoken over there?
Bosnian. Read more