Inat KucaInat Kuca
Veliki Alifakovac 1
033 447 867

National 5 seats, all cards

How to get there: South bank of the Miljacka, directly across from the National Library. This restaurant has a distinguished green top, therefore the nickname “Greenhouse”.

Comment: Nice soup and combo Bosnian plate (not too expensive). Traditional look with ornaments and wooden seat. When I first walked in, I was completely in awe. The decorations threw me back to the old time. They play traditional Bosnian music, called Sevdalinka. Take a seat on the second floor in the back to see a glimpse of flowing water from the river. The translation of the restaurant name is Stubborn House. The locals said that during the Austrian time, the Austrians wanted to build a promenade along the north side of the river, next to the National Library and offered to buy this Green House, which was located at this site at the time. The owner kept refusing them and eventually he agreed on one condition that they moved the entire house, bricks by bricks to the other side of the river.