There are three main groups who inhabit this country: Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs. The Bosniaks are mainly Muslims, the Croats are Catholic and the Serbs, exclusively Orthodox. There is a small fraction of the Bosnians who are not affiliated with any religious group, which is inordinary. A Bosniak friend of mine has an uncle who is neither Bosniak, Croat, nor Serb; he is simply a Bosnian.

“It’s really strange!” Responded another Bosniak.

Though having different religious and ethnic background, these three groups share the same language, traditions and culture. Their root traced back to the early southern Slavic tribes who settled the land between the 6-7th centuries and later intertwined with the indigenous Illyrian tribes.

The ethnic composition today remains similar to the pre-war ratio: Bosniaks (Muslims) 44%, Serbs (Christian Orthodox) 32%, and Croats (Catholics) 17%. The remaining 7% of the population is composed of Yugoslavs, Albanians, Roma, Jews, and several other minority groups.