A Muslim singer who lives in England. He is very popular here in Sarajevo, at least among the more religious Bosniaks. I really liked the song “Supplication” when I first heard it. I’ve always had a thing for music exotic Middle Eastern and Arabic elements. As a non-Muslim, I care little about the lyrics, however, the melody is absolutely beautiful with the weaving of the chants, the drums, and the vocals. He performed once where I worked, but I only knew about it the day after and at the time knew little of who he was.

Some fundamental Islamic leaders complain that his music is not Islamic enough and too much pop. Well, if it is not too much pop, who else would want to hear it beside the Muslim circle. Let face it, in order to influence, inspire, and introduce Islam to young people, his music has to be youth-oriented somewhat.

I’m not a Muslim, but his music really gets to me. For that, I say he’s a really successful singer-song writer.



My Ummah