Jenny from the mahal

I don’t remember much about a conversation I had with a Croatian friend of mine. We were chatting about one of her musical favorites, JLo. Briefly, as she said: “The Bosnians have this one song called ‘Jenny from the mahala’, the Bosnian version of the original ‘Jenny from the block’.” And she started humming the song in Bosnian which sounded so hilarious to me. From that moment on, every chance I got, I shouted across the hall: “V., sing me the Jenny from the mahala.”

“Mahala” is an Arabic word for “residential part” of a town, only the part with houses and not buildings or apartment complexes.

The photoshop-edited picture is a photo I took of my former mahala on Bistrik Mederesa in the Old Town (Stari Grad) region of the city.