Burek is another popular semi-fastfood meal, second-famous after cevapi. Burek is a common term to refer the pie with meat inside. In Croatia, Burek is the same pie with cheese instead. Pie with cheese is sirnica (a bit sour), with spinach is zeljanica , with potato is krompiruša, a bit salty). Cost of each ranges from 1KM to 2KM. Depend on which shop you buy the pies, you can taste the meat, the spiniach, the cheese, or potato in every bite or all you have in your mouth is a load of dough.

There are two different version of pies:

1. Pies sold in the Pekara/bakery: rolled shape and cost less than those in Burekdžnica. Avoid buying pies in Pekara late unless the shop operates 24 hours. The pies become harder and colder. Shuck!


2. Pies sold in a Burekdžnica are sliced into piece from 100g up to 1kg. They taste better because they are warmer, softer, and you can order the kajmak cheese to pour on top. I am not a fan of cheese, but this cheese is excellent.



Dino Merlin, a popular singer in Bosnia has a song about Burek