I’ve made some progress with this blog’s traffic. It is surprising that I no longer live in Sarajevo and have stopped updating the blog for such a long time. Honestly, I wanted to end the blog.

But forget about stopping the blog for now; it’s here to stay. I now have new objectives:

  1. My traffic to increase to 500 unique users per day.
  2. 100 subscribers to my feed.
  3. More comments

All should be accomplished by the end of the year 2006.

So far I have only a few ideas of what to do. If you give me good suggestions/recommendations and they worked, I will:

  1. Get you whatever info you wish to know about Sarajevo, provided that you are a clueless, bewilder soul who are not from Sarajevo. Duh!
  2. If you happens to travel to any place near where I live, I’ll be your free tour guide for the day. (I change where I live every now and then,) If we happen to meet while I’m traveling, thus know nothing about where I am, I will buy you a free drink: beer, coffee, tea, or whichever cheap but good drink you can think of.
  3. A thank-you note of course.