Yeah, soon this blog will gets off the rent-free status (free hosting on and moves to a new home, with a new address:

There is nothing there at the moment since I’ve just signed-up for a hosting account. It takes a couple of days for the site to be active, and probably at least a week for me to move part of the content of this blog.

I like the free hosting provided by wordpress. The GUI is amazing. The hosting is really reliable. Everything has been an excellent experience. The only setback–major setback–is I cannot take full control of my blog’s user interface except for changing the themes. 

I’d like to grow the blog, but without the full control, there is nothing much I can do.  There are a few anticipating problem associating with my moving the blog.

  • Loose some existing readers who read my blog through their feed readers.
  • Loose the #1 and #2 ranks in Google search engine for "Sarajevo blog" (I didn’t know this until J. pointed out to me)
  • Site’s server down time. (I’m using a fairly cheap hosting for now. Though it’s a sister company for another respectable hosting business.)

But on the plus side, I can integrate many cool features:

  • More feed subscription buttons
  • Social bookmark icons (digg, reddit,
  • Translation buttons (Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian for example)
  • Sponsored ads and links / Affiliate programs
  • etc.

This blog does not only get a location and presentation but also a content make-over. I can no longer provide tips and write reviews as an "insider" from Sarajevo.  Instead, I will focus more on my opinion and thoughts from a person who standing from the outside looking in, thus the name "beyondsarajevo."

Thanks for having read the blog. Be patient as you’re digging through all sort of things I present here because sooner or later you’ll–and I perhaps–discover Sarajevo.