March 2007

My last residence in Sarajevo was just across the street from the Chinese embassy, one of the two biggest embassies in Bosnia. I walked past this quiet building at least twice every day, saw tourism posters on the door and could not help get on a trip to China, either to Beijing or Shanghai.

Accommodation in China is probably cheaper than Europe beside transportation and food, but picking a good hotel booking website can be difficult these days. So I performed a few searches on AsiaHotels and found a number of cheap hotels in Shanghai. The website also provides tips on attractions, entertainments, dinning out and transportation along with other travelers’ reviews and stories.

Bosnia is featured on the affiliate Euro-hotels portal but currently does not have any listed hotel. Its neighbors, Croatia and Slovenia, however are listed. So if you decide that Sarajevo and Bosnia are not enough for you, try the beautiful medieval Dubrovnik in Croatia and Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.


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