Unlike other travel web sites I mentioned occasionally on this blog, which were strictly about tourists’ accommodation booking sites and travel blogs, my newest update is a property information portal, Property Mart Overseas.

This portal has a very good section dedicating to news and report on properties worldwide, covering all five continents and also publishes a monthly magazine.

To make sure I am reviewing a legitimate site, I performed a couple of tests, one of which was checking for properties in the Czech Republic. A friend of mine is looking to buy a new apartment in Prague, so I asked him to check the searched results. He confirmed that the listed prices are the same as those in the market and the descriptions were spot-on.

Property Mart Overseas has one major weakness though. There are too few listings for a particular country. Usually, when people shop around for properties, they tend to focus on a specific city, region or at best a country. The more properties they can find, the better it is for this site. By catering to too many countries without having a strong presence in none, Property Mart Overseas might turn away a lot of potential client.

I am writing a blog about Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina, but it seems that I will never be able to find travel sites with accommodation, properties or travel tips about Bosnia. Serbia and Macedonia don’t fare too well as they are also excluded from the country list (as always). One thing surprises me that Montenegro, the newest European state after it broke away from the union Serbia-Montenegro, is listed.