I ranted on my previous posts about the lack of cultural reviews, news and travel advices on this series of travel blog which promotes accommodations worldwide. However, Hotel Club News–the newest addition–seems to publish more posts on current activities and provide travel tips instead of focusing only on hotel-related news. Bravo!

For example, it has an entry about the recent, highlight soccer match between Manchester and Chelsea and a very good post on how to choose a hotel.

However, Hotel Club News’ main task is to promote hotels affiliated with Hotelclub.net. Hotelclub.net is a decent hotel booking web site which I reference on my Czech Republic blog.

Too bad, once again, there won’t be any Bosnia-related news here.
I blog as if my life depends on it, so it makes sense that I like (addicted to) reading blogs as well, on many topics: politics, tips and tricks, travel, technology, etc. I have a travel blog where share latest travel deals and travel advice. Unfortunately, I’m too busy at the moment to update it often. That’s why I like Hotel Club News blog because I think I can learn a thing or two from it.