Ratestogonews is a hotel update blog, which share the latest hotel deals. Most of the hotels promoted on this blog are from Ratestogo, a highly recommended hotel booking site I also promoted on my travel websites. When I reviewed this blog some time ago, it had only two posts, and I expected to see more. This time around, I see that the blogger has updated the blog with two more posts about landmarks in Europe and top Easter locations in the US.

It is nice to read more about Easter tradition in America. I have lived there for 10 years and know next to nothing about this tradition. This blog entry also suggests good restaurants to eat typical Eastern food.

At first I thought Ratestogonews only focuses on publishing hotels deals from major tourist destinations in Europe, USA and Asia, but now it seems that the blog tries to bring more cultural aspect of the cities to readers. If he/she continues doing it, I think this blog does have some potential growth.

As usual, hotel deals and news for Bosnia, Croatia and other former Yugoslavia are not available. Hopefully, Ratestogonews will do something about that.