If you are planning for a trip to the land of “Down Under”, the land of wild adventures and plenty of scuba diving trips, remember to check out Lastminute.com.au, a travel web site offering a wide range of services: hotels, international flights, domestic flights, gifts, entertainment and experiences.

Unlike many current travel portals which only specialize on hotels, flights and car rentals, Lastminute dedicates a section sharing awesome adventures, theaters, concerts and many other activities in Australia. Think about it. When you travel anywhere, your researching tasks are not finished the moment you reserve the air ticket, book a hotel and buy a guide book. You also want to know ahead what are going on at your destinations, so you can better make plan for those activities too. Lastminute has everything in one place, simplifying your travel planning processes.

Lastminue also publishes an insanely great newsletter which shares the latest travel deals. So if you plan to go to Australia or currently live there and want to get a leg up in the travel industry, subscribing to their newsletters is be a good idea.

Oh, did I also mention that Lastminute’s website is so lovely with its brightly pink design? I know this is not important for savvy deal sniffers, but the nice design was one of the first thing which attracted my attention.

Now if only Lastminute company has similar travel portal for the Balkan countries.