I am taking a look at another hotel booking website for Europe, Eurobookings, which offers hotels from top-notch European cities including but not limited to Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna and Athens.

Pretty much, the site’s design and functionality are the similar to any other hotel booking site you might have visited. You can list the hotels based on popularity, prices and star ratings or on a popular location like your departure/arrival airport, a monument or a district within the city. If you choose the latter option, you will see, next to each hotel, a link to a map showing its position. This feature is especially helpful if you are first-time travelers to a city and have time finding the location of the hotel from its address.

Read Eurobookings’ hotel guide for other travelers’ opinions and reviews to make better decision. It is an excellent read, not just about the hotels but about the city and culture as well. The site’s content is available in 13 languages, thus might still be useful to your friends who don’t understand English.