I watched in disbelief as Serbia started racking up high points (8, 10, 12), competing neck-to-neck the first slot with Ukraine before solidifying the number one spot. It was Eurovision history all over again. In 2004, Ukrainian Rustlana’s exotic and electrifying Wild Dancer inched above talented Serbian Zeljko Joksimovic’s beautiful ballads “Lane Moje” to snatch the first prize. Only three years later, the Serbs got their revenge. Sweet!

I guess Marija Serifovic’s “Molitva” was a song about homosexuals or promoting homosexuals because in the end, the Marija held hand with one of her female backup singers, completing a full red heart from each’s half. Coincidentally, Ukraine’s entry exploded the stage and cracked the audience up with its silly act and the singer’s transvestite costume.

Serbia “Molitva”


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