I am introducing Easytobook.com, a hotel booking site for Amsterdam and Barcelona. Pretty much, the site’s design and functionality are the similar to any other hotel booking site you might have visited. I totally dig one feature which let me search for hotels with WIFI internet access beside other common requests such as disable-friendliness, free parking, children discount and pet allowance. I have countless of experiences when after finding accommodate I like, I had to call up these hotel and ask if they have WIFI service. Most of the time, they did not, thus wasting my time and money for the calls. The latter four are not applicable to me, but other travelers might find them useful.

If you have in mind a particular location or an attraction in Amsterdam, you can search for hotels near that location. Click on Amsterdam tourist attractions, choose the sight of your choice and hit the search button. You will see a map pinned with hotels surround your select location and a list of nearby hotels, sorted by their distance.

However, as a budget traveler, I always look for the cheapest hotel, so naturally I want to be able to sort hotels based on their prices, a functionality not available at Easytobook.com. Other than that, this site is worth a visit the next time you want to find a room in Amsterdam