July 2007

Sydney is considered as the No 1 city of Australia, based on its population, its importance in Australia’s politics and economy, as well as all the funs and noises.  It boasts beautiful sceneries, the
Opera House, Darling Harbour Bridge, the romantic setting of the Darling Harbour itself, plus all the famous beaches like Manly, Bondi. The city of Sydney it self is a heaven on earth for many. To shopping enthusiast, there are many stores around.  The price range could be anything depends on where you decide to pop in. You can find last-minute deals for hotel in Sydney for as low as 40 AUD.  Most of the year, the city is with pleasant and warm weather.  Get around the city is a piece of cake, since the network of
train, bus, ferry here is quite marvelous.Melbourne is the 2nd most important city of Australia.To many, Melbourne is a better place to unwind, because of its peaceful spread-out setting, with fewer people, less noise, bigger streets and fresher air. Get around Melbourne is easy, with its system of train, bus, tram service, which use the same ticket, or one could just take a pleasant walk to get around to all the interesting place: Southgates; Federation Square; Art Gallery; Rialto Towers and Collins-Burke-Elizabeth-Swanton Streets, where many stores and restaurants line up).  Melbourne is also famous for its many “international” restaurants, where you can eat the best food for a very reasonable price.  Everything seems to be cheaper in Melbourne,from eating out to the price of groceries! However, I found it very interesting that  the  lowest price I find for a 3-star hotel in Melbourne starts from 50 AUD.

may be considered as the third “biggest” city of Australia; however to surfers and warm climate lovers, Brisbane is the best.  Here, you can walk along the beach, enjoy the sea in their own way, then later relaxing at any close by restaurants. Big and small stores are around too, so you can just hop in to buy anything one required, be it groceries or expensive party outfits. However, hotel in Brisbane can be a little bit more expensive than Sydney and Melbourne, perhaps due to more competition in these sister cities.

Accommodations and hotels can be booked quite easily, provided you have their phone numbers and your own credit card details ready. 

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The second best and most convenient guide for travel is the Internet. Here, you get up-to-date advice and tips wherever and whenever you want. I am not very good at organizing trips; many times I travel to a place without much planning. Thus, I have learned to rely on travel blogs and forums where travelers leave their scoops on their latest adventures.

Real Travel is such travel blog, part of a large travel portal covering world wide destination and various activities. It has very cool trip planner which you build and share your itinerary. However, the coolest part is the blog where planner hoppers from many corner of the world share their photos and stories.

Real Travel has a fairly detailed section about Bosnia, a useful itinerary along the Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast and also reviews of other cities in this Balkan region.