Compared to many other Eastern Europe’s capitals, Sarajevo is highly isolated in term of the numbers of affordable flights in and out of Sarajevo. SkyEurope, Germanwings, EasyJets or Ryanair to name a few cover an impressive list of European cities. But Sarajevo and its ex-Yugoslav sister cities in Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro still remain in oblivion.

Less accessible from Europe, Sarajevo is probably less accessible from America. Normally, American travelers are recommended to fly to UK and then connect to their final destination in Eastern Europe. Without any budget airlines flying from UK to Sarajevo, these following travel companies are the best (many cases) alternatives.

A sample round trip ticket with Jat Airway and Austrian Airlines from the 10th and 17th of November  between Edinburgh or Glasgow and Saraejvo costs around 290 GBP including taxes and booking fees while route London-Sarajevo is 100 GBP cheaper.

As for accommodation, you can find last minute hotels with Cheaperthanhotelsfrom 10 GBP in London, 15 GBP in Edinburgh and 32 GBP in Glasgow.