The blog
This blog springs to its existence to combine the following objectives:

1. Provide a collaboration project for a small network of high school students and my local friends in Sarajevo.

2. Gather reviews and opinions from the most reliable sources: the locals.

3. Offer free but priceless advises and tips to all creatures who are either merely curious about the city or hopelessly finding their ways in the city at the moment.

Feel free to suggest the topics you would like to read. I wil try to update as soon as I can.

As a sporadic traveller, I found it difficult to find and remember scattering information about a city. There are lots of useful information not available on the internet and accessable only whenwe arrive at the destination. Not only that, some information are known only through the locals and remain invisible through the tourists’ eyes.


emai: contact[AT]beyondsarajevo[DOT]com

Enough explaining. Happy clicking!

One Response to “About”

  1. igor Says:

    thanks for the listing of the reataurants, my girlfriend and I decided to have a anniversary dinner tonight (we re from Sarajevo) and your list was most detailed 🙂 I ve forgot so many places, now I can check all those places and choose the right one to suprise her with the choice 🙂

    thank you a lot for your effort !
    best regards from rainy Sarajevo !

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