I am taking a look at another hotel booking website for Europe, Eurobookings, which offers hotels from top-notch European cities including but not limited to Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna and Athens.

Pretty much, the site’s design and functionality are the similar to any other hotel booking site you might have visited. You can list the hotels based on popularity, prices and star ratings or on a popular location like your departure/arrival airport, a monument or a district within the city. If you choose the latter option, you will see, next to each hotel, a link to a map showing its position. This feature is especially helpful if you are first-time travelers to a city and have time finding the location of the hotel from its address.

Read Eurobookings’ hotel guide for other travelers’ opinions and reviews to make better decision. It is an excellent read, not just about the hotels but about the city and culture as well. The site’s content is available in 13 languages, thus might still be useful to your friends who don’t understand English.


I ranted on my previous posts about the lack of cultural reviews, news and travel advices on this series of travel blog which promotes accommodations worldwide. However, Hotel Club News–the newest addition–seems to publish more posts on current activities and provide travel tips instead of focusing only on hotel-related news. Bravo!

For example, it has an entry about the recent, highlight soccer match between Manchester and Chelsea and a very good post on how to choose a hotel.

However, Hotel Club News’ main task is to promote hotels affiliated with is a decent hotel booking web site which I reference on my Czech Republic blog.

Too bad, once again, there won’t be any Bosnia-related news here.
I blog as if my life depends on it, so it makes sense that I like (addicted to) reading blogs as well, on many topics: politics, tips and tricks, travel, technology, etc. I have a travel blog where share latest travel deals and travel advice. Unfortunately, I’m too busy at the moment to update it often. That’s why I like Hotel Club News blog because I think I can learn a thing or two from it.

Unlike other travel web sites I mentioned occasionally on this blog, which were strictly about tourists’ accommodation booking sites and travel blogs, my newest update is a property information portal, Property Mart Overseas.

This portal has a very good section dedicating to news and report on properties worldwide, covering all five continents and also publishes a monthly magazine.

To make sure I am reviewing a legitimate site, I performed a couple of tests, one of which was checking for properties in the Czech Republic. A friend of mine is looking to buy a new apartment in Prague, so I asked him to check the searched results. He confirmed that the listed prices are the same as those in the market and the descriptions were spot-on.

Property Mart Overseas has one major weakness though. There are too few listings for a particular country. Usually, when people shop around for properties, they tend to focus on a specific city, region or at best a country. The more properties they can find, the better it is for this site. By catering to too many countries without having a strong presence in none, Property Mart Overseas might turn away a lot of potential client.

I am writing a blog about Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina, but it seems that I will never be able to find travel sites with accommodation, properties or travel tips about Bosnia. Serbia and Macedonia don’t fare too well as they are also excluded from the country list (as always). One thing surprises me that Montenegro, the newest European state after it broke away from the union Serbia-Montenegro, is listed.

The newspaper

The nice thing about this website is that your online post will be listed for a month on the weekly classified newspaper, free of charge.

I found a room through that newspaper, and my roommate who rented out that room placed an ad on that website.

Here are some of the hostels I checked out (not staying) while walking around town.

Bašačaršilja M.M. Bašekije 65, Sarajevo
+387 33 535 829 (phone)
+387 33 232 109 (fax)
061 131 813 (mobile)

I saw the price as low as 6 euros/person/bed/night in a 8-bed dorm on the price list sticking up the window. However, you might not see this price on the website. It is in Bosnian, but you might be able to figure it out. Any way, email or give them a call. Remember to ask for the 6 euros room.

M.M. Bašekije 63, Sarajevo
+387 33 238 680 (fax)
061 800 263 (mobile)

As low as 10 euros/person/bed/night

ZemZem Caffee -Pizzeria i Pansion
Mula Mustafe Bašeskje 61
033 239 648
061 804 200
20 euros per person in private room. 50 euros for an apartment up to 6 people.

For more

The link provides a list of hostels and some hotels in Sarajevo. You can find a few for really cheap, for example, as low as 5 euros at Hostel Marin Dvor. However, I smell something fishy about this place. How can it be that cheap given that the living cost in Sarajevo is comparatively high.