It’s crunch time! I only have a few more days in Sarajevo, so my friend took me to the center for a brief tour called “Have you tried this and that?” We went to a sweet shop at the intersection between the oOld and Austrian part where she ordered me the cold drink Boza. Well the real drink we had did not have the nuts and powder on top. She made me guess the drink’s ingredients, but I just could not.

It is a sour drink made of cornmeal, sugar, flour, and water, traditional drink in the Balkans. Sure, it tasted different and quite cheap.


My friend took me to this club (will update the address later) to see her Bosnian traditional dances.

So far, I saw two places with big screen/projector outside to watch the games.

1. Central Cafe in the centar, in front of the Cathedral.
2. A coffee shop on a corner next to the Metropolis Milk Bar on Maršala Tita street

The best place to smoke the water pipe is

Halvat Male Daire
Luledzila 6
061 515 5713

Remember to try the Turkish tea; I tried but could not find it at any other place. The tea costs only 1.5 km and the smoke costs 4km. Over there, they often play really nice, exotic music, mainly Turkish.

My friend N., once prepared the Turkish tea just for me at her apartment. I forgot how she made it though, just that it was a lot of preparation. Look at the double tea pot.

The word for water pipe in Bosnia and Saudi Arabia is nargileh. The substance that we smoke is a plant tumbecija similar to tobacco and much more poisonous, therefore the smoke needs to be filtered through the water container before it passes to our systems. Nowadays, people mixed this plant with other fruit aromas, mostly apple. This is what I had in the cafe.

My friend and I visited a old Turkish house in Mostar, which had one of these water pipes. My friend tried on the traditional dresses, lying on the Turkish carpet, and pretended as if she was smoking from the pipe. Seeing her, I was reminded of Asians in the past who lied on their wooden beds and smoked opium to their insanity.

Internet Club Click
Kundurdžiluk 1 (in the center, across from hotel Astra)
033 236 914

Everyday: 9 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Cost: 1km/20 mins

Virtual Spot
Petrakijna br. 6
061 198 928
033 200 599
vspot@lol.ba http://www.v-spot.ba

Open every day from 9 to 23
1 hour – 2KM
3 hour – 5KM
5 hour – 8KM
10 hour – 15KM
50 hour – 65KM
100 hour – 100KM
(I think this internet shop offers the best deal.)

Internet Cafe Cyber
Uyun Komerc
Open: 7 – 11
Cost: 1KM/20 mins
(on the street across Mula Mustafe Bašeskje, the street behind the Cathedral)

Mula Mustafe Bašeskje 61
033 239 648
061 804 200
Cost: 1KM/20 mins

Gemini Internet Cafe
Šenoina 16
(cross street Mašala Tita) Open every day from 8 to 11

29 Brace Begic (Kosevko Brdo, across from the Chinese embassy)

Open everyday except Sunday: 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Cost: 1km/30 mins

Economics Faculty
Trg Oslobodan 1

The computers in the hallway are for students and staff members, and you need codes to log on. If you need the internet for urgent information and all other interet clubs and cafe close, perhaps you can try your luck here. Hopefully someone is nice enough to lend you the code.


Origin: The origin of this coffee dated all the way back to the period of Ottomen's occupation of Bosnia during the 13th century. The Turks barging into this country and brought along the coffee tradition.

Taste: The Bosnian coffee is very strong and has a total different taste from the regular expressos, cappuchino you normally have in many other countries. It is very thick and sometimes can be hard to taste.

How it served: You can look at the photos. Normally, the waiter will pour the coffee into the cup ( fildžan) for you. The green cube you see next to the cup is a sweet jelly, come with the coffee for free, depend on which cafe bar.

How the locals actually drink their coffee: Drop the sugar cube into the cup, stir it, and then drink, right? Wrong! The correct wax to drink is:

1. Pick up the sugar cube with your hand
2. Pick up the coffee cup with your other hand
3. Lick the sugar cube
4. And then drink the coffee

I never tried.

This photo was taken at cafe Divan in Morica Han.

Art Servis d.o.o
Meeting Point

Hamdije Kresevljakovica 13
71000 Sarajevo
I walked into this coffee shop by accident while looking for the Obala Meeting Point movie theater. I couldn't believe with my own eyes seeing the "Wi Fi zone" sign on every table. If you're searching for a free wireless place, this coffee shop might be your only chance. Care to know why? In one of my homework assignment to my first year students, I asked them to find a place with free wireless internet access. They all came up empty.

This cafe opens from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day and has an inside entrance to the movie theater located next to it. This can come quite handy if it's your lucky day. My boyfriend and I were late for the film "Munich" at this movie theater. We didn't know where the movie theater was, so we entered the coffee shop to ask for direction. The waiter showed us the entrance door, and guess what, since we were late, there was no one around to check for tickets. We got in scotch-free.