Unlike Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic whose names mentioned often during one of those popcorn political interrogation I had for the Bosniaks, I never heard of the name Arkan. I don’t talk politics all the time; the girl wanted to have some fun. So I listened to Turbo folk. Yah, but don’t tell the Bosnians or they will make fun of my choice of music. And still I had trouble. I only listened to Turbo folk in private when there weren’t many kids or adults. You see, for many Bosniaks, Turbo folk associated with those Serbians who once raped, figuratively and literally, them. "You know why we hate Turbo folk?" One kid tried to explain to me. "The most famous Turbo folk singer was the wife of a Serb general who murdered us." Her name is Ceca, through her, I got his name from wiki page "Arkan." I’m not going to go into much details about his life since such information is everywhere on the internet. What I’m more interested in is how skewed and different human perception and interpretation can be. For many Serbians, this world recognized war criminal was consider a national hero who loved and defended his country. And the interesting this is they had the reason to. Watching the video clip, I had no doubt in my mind he inspired his followers, gained their supports for his ill-fated mission to defend his country whom he claimed he loved. Despite giving a harrangue in an undiplomatic and uncivilized style of speech, he surely showed a lot of charisma. I do believe this guy did truly love Serbia and Orthodox faith albeit in a twisted way. Listen to him carefully and you’ll hear "…all muslims are WILD DOGS. This is the war between us and the WILD DOG…" What a waste! These radical Serbians could have done a lot of good for instead of dragging their country’s name to the mud and ravaging neighboring ones at the same time. But what’s more utterly incomprehensible?  Arkan can not exist and flourish WITHOUT the support of the people, many of them actually. I don’t have to name names, you know whom I’m talking about.  To support such man, it’s say a lot about people’s characters.

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There are three main groups who inhabit this country: Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs. The Bosniaks are mainly Muslims, the Croats are Catholic and the Serbs, exclusively Orthodox. There is a small fraction of the Bosnians who are not affiliated with any religious group, which is inordinary. A Bosniak friend of mine has an uncle who is neither Bosniak, Croat, nor Serb; he is simply a Bosnian.

“It’s really strange!” Responded another Bosniak.

Though having different religious and ethnic background, these three groups share the same language, traditions and culture. Their root traced back to the early southern Slavic tribes who settled the land between the 6-7th centuries and later intertwined with the indigenous Illyrian tribes.

The ethnic composition today remains similar to the pre-war ratio: Bosniaks (Muslims) 44%, Serbs (Christian Orthodox) 32%, and Croats (Catholics) 17%. The remaining 7% of the population is composed of Yugoslavs, Albanians, Roma, Jews, and several other minority groups.

This is a match between Sarajevo and Zeljo (also the name of the most famous cevapi in Sarajevo)

By the way, I don’t understand heck what they are saying!

Navijanje sa derbija 5. April 2006. god.
Da ga hoce joj Nano,
Da ga hoce joj Nanice,
Da ga hoce zabit Matko Zelji, joj Nano Nanice!
Pjesma sa sjevera nikad ne prestaje….