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Collection of Sevdalinka audios:

Sevdalinka is an urban Bosnian love song, with the word “Bosnian” defining the geographical origin of sevdalinka, the word “urban” depicting its urban nature, and the word “love” denoting its content related theme.
The meaning of the word sevdah in the Turkish language denotes amorous yearning and ecstasy of love, and has its origin in the Arabic expression “säwdâ”, which encompasses and specifies the term “black gall


This website provides addresses of government, financial, and business addresses. Good if you want up-to-date information. It is entirely in Bosnian though. A student of mine said that his father and he created it


The newspaper

The nice thing about this website is that your online post will be listed for a month on the weekly classified newspaper, free of charge.

I found a room through that newspaper, and my roommate who rented out that room placed an ad on that website.