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British Council
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BuyBook bookstore
Radiceva 4
Tel: +387 33 206 545
Fax: +387 33 206 545


It also has a cafe bar inside.

notes about buybook

Knjizara Šahipašić
Mula Mustare Bašeskve
033 220 112
Mon – Sat: 9 – 10
Sun: 10 – 14
(they have book and CD to learn Bosnian, but it costs 128KM)

Vladislava Skarića 8
Mon – Sat: 9 – 21


Bosnia & Herzegovina: The Bradt Travel Guide by Tim Clancy

You can buy this book, used version, from Amazon.com for $9. In case you forgot to shop for a guide book from home, you can always find this book in at least Sarajevo and Mostar. I think this is because the author of the book, Tim Clancy, has worked and lived in this country for more than 10 years. He runs an eco-tourism called Green Vision in Sarajevo.

However, it is more expensive to buy the book in Bosnia. Be sure to pay at least 20 euros. I saw the exact same book which covered only Hercegovina for 15 euros.

Bosnia: A Short History by Noel Malcolm

The book avoids many of such hatred, prejudice, accusations, nationalist preachings you might have encountered while researching about Bosnia’s history. Perhaps, the author’s being an English helps in this matter.

Other recommended books I haven’t read
The bridge on the Drina by Ivo Andric, a Nobel Laurete from Travnik.

Booklet (you can get at the Tourist Information Office in the center)

Tourist Info Sarajevo (small blue book with addresses and phone numbers)

Local review

There might be many other places who give this review for free. At the moment, I only know of Hemingway bar, located across from the National Theater.


Ljubljanska 9
71000 Sarajevo

+387 33 250 220 (phone)
+387 33 250 240 (fax)

Email: Information.Centre@britishcouncil.ba

Working hours:
Monday – Friday: 8.30 – 17.00
Saturday: 12.00 – 17.00

Provides internet access and resources in English (books, magazines, audios, movies, etc..) which you can check out if you have a membership, 20km/year. If only stay here for a few days and need to use the internet or check out some resources, t might not be a big deal if you do not have the membership. My boyfriend was visiting for three weeks and used their computer lab for his school. After a few days, they kicked him out and made him buy a membership.

Located on the southern bank of the river, near the Holiday inn. To get to the british counsul, follow the street until you see an organge EP gas station. Turn into that street, and the BA won’t be far away.