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Advertisements is a hotel booking site for top cities in North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. Despite the name, this website also handles bookings for flights, cars, vacation rentals and vacation. As you would expect, the site’s design and functionality are the similar to other travel booking sites you might have visited. If you are a minimalist, you might like the site’s simple design with basic search engines and essential information: a detailed FAQ section which might answer many of your booking-related questions and a great collection of fairly detailed travel guides for many cities.

However, I think the site has a lot to improve on its user-interface as it is difficult to find information on a totally white-background with no special font or catchy color to attract users’ attention.

Other than this minor issue, Hotelreservation seems to be able to fulfill your basic travel needs.

I am taking a look at another hotel booking website for Europe, Eurobookings, which offers hotels from top-notch European cities including but not limited to Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna and Athens.

Pretty much, the site’s design and functionality are the similar to any other hotel booking site you might have visited. You can list the hotels based on popularity, prices and star ratings or on a popular location like your departure/arrival airport, a monument or a district within the city. If you choose the latter option, you will see, next to each hotel, a link to a map showing its position. This feature is especially helpful if you are first-time travelers to a city and have time finding the location of the hotel from its address.

Read Eurobookings’ hotel guide for other travelers’ opinions and reviews to make better decision. It is an excellent read, not just about the hotels but about the city and culture as well. The site’s content is available in 13 languages, thus might still be useful to your friends who don’t understand English.

If you are planning for a trip to the land of “Down Under”, the land of wild adventures and plenty of scuba diving trips, remember to check out, a travel web site offering a wide range of services: hotels, international flights, domestic flights, gifts, entertainment and experiences.

Unlike many current travel portals which only specialize on hotels, flights and car rentals, Lastminute dedicates a section sharing awesome adventures, theaters, concerts and many other activities in Australia. Think about it. When you travel anywhere, your researching tasks are not finished the moment you reserve the air ticket, book a hotel and buy a guide book. You also want to know ahead what are going on at your destinations, so you can better make plan for those activities too. Lastminute has everything in one place, simplifying your travel planning processes.

Lastminue also publishes an insanely great newsletter which shares the latest travel deals. So if you plan to go to Australia or currently live there and want to get a leg up in the travel industry, subscribing to their newsletters is be a good idea.

Oh, did I also mention that Lastminute’s website is so lovely with its brightly pink design? I know this is not important for savvy deal sniffers, but the nice design was one of the first thing which attracted my attention.

Now if only Lastminute company has similar travel portal for the Balkan countries.


Do you find blogs recommending accommodation useful for your travel planning? This time, I’m reviewing such blog. Like its sister blogs, Accommodation News and Update is brand new and only comprises few posts, making my job as a reviewer difficult as I have little information to comment on.

Accommodation News and Update is part of a collection of similar blogs reviewing hotels and sharing travel tips. As I mentioned in my other reviews for these blogs, their usefulness depend on how often the bloggers update their blogs and how much more travel advice they provide. I personally prefer to read reviews before choosing any accommodation instead of looking at a list of meaningless names, prices, etc.

I find the post “Where To Go For Fun in Milan” and “Everything You Need to Know about Athens” interesting and useful as I also like reading up reviews on cultural aspect of travel destinations. In the future, I expect to see more of such entries.

This is a sponsored post.

Ratestogonews is a hotel update blog, which share the latest hotel deals. Most of the hotels promoted on this blog are from Ratestogo, a highly recommended hotel booking site I also promoted on my travel websites. When I reviewed this blog some time ago, it had only two posts, and I expected to see more. This time around, I see that the blogger has updated the blog with two more posts about landmarks in Europe and top Easter locations in the US.

It is nice to read more about Easter tradition in America. I have lived there for 10 years and know next to nothing about this tradition. This blog entry also suggests good restaurants to eat typical Eastern food.

At first I thought Ratestogonews only focuses on publishing hotels deals from major tourist destinations in Europe, USA and Asia, but now it seems that the blog tries to bring more cultural aspect of the cities to readers. If he/she continues doing it, I think this blog does have some potential growth.

As usual, hotel deals and news for Bosnia, Croatia and other former Yugoslavia are not available. Hopefully, Ratestogonews will do something about that.

I ranted on my previous posts about the lack of cultural reviews, news and travel advices on this series of travel blog which promotes accommodations worldwide. However, Hotel Club News–the newest addition–seems to publish more posts on current activities and provide travel tips instead of focusing only on hotel-related news. Bravo!

For example, it has an entry about the recent, highlight soccer match between Manchester and Chelsea and a very good post on how to choose a hotel.

However, Hotel Club News’ main task is to promote hotels affiliated with is a decent hotel booking web site which I reference on my Czech Republic blog.

Too bad, once again, there won’t be any Bosnia-related news here.
I blog as if my life depends on it, so it makes sense that I like (addicted to) reading blogs as well, on many topics: politics, tips and tricks, travel, technology, etc. I have a travel blog where share latest travel deals and travel advice. Unfortunately, I’m too busy at the moment to update it often. That’s why I like Hotel Club News blog because I think I can learn a thing or two from it.